Glass Cutting

Here at JPP Trade Centre we offer a bespoke glass cutting service, so you can get your glass cut to size for whatever purpose is required. Our dedicated technicians will work closely with you to ensure the glass is cut to your exact dimensions for a precise fit.
We understand that not every piece of glass is available in the measurements you need, which is why we cut any type of glass to the required size, thickness and shape using the latest equipment for complete precision.

Glass Edging

We can make glass edging process that is necessary for safety handling or decorative purposes if we use glasses or mirrors without frames. Our highly skilled stuff use advanced machines with diamond hones and water cooling for treating all types and thikness of glasses. We offer all types of treatment from pencil to flat grind. All kind of shapes can be treated according to your needs.

Glass Tempering

JPP Trade Centre provide the service of tempering glass for a wide range of applications. Tempering glass involves a thermal process in which the glass is subjected to heat to its softening point. It is then cooled rapidly to give it high strength. In addition to strength, benefits that the process of tempering glass offers include high edge strength and resistance to thermal breakage. Fully tempering glass also provides an additional benefit that enhances safety. 


When you need help with installation of glass, let our team guide you with the service. JPP Trade Centre expertly guides commercial glass supplies for more than 69 years. We have worked with many people on commercial supplies both large and small. We import, supply, install, and service all of your glass needs for your business.


We offer a wide range of transport solutions to businesses to supply glass and mirrors. Our specially-fitted vehicles and our highly trained and experienced staff both serve to minimize the risk of glass damaging during transportation.

Our transportation services include transporting glass, as well as mirrors, tempered doors and Aluminum products. 

About Us

JPP Trade Centre (PVT) Ltd has developed outstanding expertise in its field of Glass, Mirror and aluminum related products, since its foundation in 1949.

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